I just downloaded the Crayfish plugin. It downloaded successfully but then when I search for it in QGIS, it is nowhere to be found. Can someone suggest where it might be located?

  • It should be under View>Panels [Crayfish 2D Plot]
    – Mapperz
    May 20 at 4:01

After installing the "Crayfish" Plugin in QGIS it should appear in the Mesh menu


Moreover, as was already mentioned by @Mapperz a Crayfish 2D Plot is available via RMC > Panels > Crayfish 2D Plot


You can also find "Crayfish" in the Processing Toolbox


For more details please check the official documentation.

  • The plot option is also available, by the context menu: when right-clicking on a mesh layer from layers panel.
    – Lutra
    May 20 at 9:31

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