I am trying convert a GeoTiff using VDatum at the Linux command line. My data reference the Washington State Plane South CRS with z values referencing EGM96. I would like to convert these z values to NAVD88.

Here is my command.

/usr/lib/jvm/java-1.11.0-openjdk-amd64/bin/java -jar /opt/vdatum/vdatum.jar ihorz:NAD83_2011:spc:ft:4602 ivert:EGM1996:ft:height:GEOID12B ohorz:NAD83_2011:spc:ft:4602 overt:NAVD88:ft:height:GEOID12B -file:geotiff:geotiff,autosrcgeo:/home/gerry/geotiff/2019_1_308_405.tif;/home/gerry/geotiff/results/ region:3

I can confirm that I can run the vDatum GUI from the command line so I know the paths to java and VDatum.jar are fine. I know the paths to the geotiff are good. This is the resulting error message:

NOAA's Vertical Datum Transformation - v4.1.2

System.file.separator= /
System.path.separator= :

cmdargs  :[Ljava.lang.String;@3930015a
12:37:13 : [vdatum_command]: java.lang.NumberFormatException
For input string: "/home/gerry/geotiff/2019_1_308_405.tif"

bash: /home/gerry/geotiff/results/: Is a directory

I do not understand why I would get a NumberFormatException on a file path string.

Thinking I would try to do the conversion manually I started the VDatum GUI.

Trouble with the GUI is that if I enter EGM96 for the input vertical datum, I get a pop-up claiming I need to reset the horizontal CRS. If I reset the CRS to NAD83_2011 the vertical datum input reverts to NAVD88. At the GUI vDatum will not accept the data vertical and horizontal values.

Thinking there might be a bug for the GUI Linux version of vDatum tried the input arguments at the online verson of vDatum. Online I can set the correct vertical and horizontal values for my input data but there is no geotiff conversion option online. Now I am unsure if just the GUI version is malfunctioning, my command line is wrong, or if vDatum on Linux just does not work.

How do I use the Linux version of vDatum to convert Washington State Plane South, feet, EGM96 data to the NAVD88 vertical datum?


I did hear back from NOAA about this problem.

Converting GeoTiff format files only works on Windows OS.

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