I would like to download an image from GEE to ArcGIS, with all information (coordinate, pixel value). I am trying but I couldn't.

How can I to do that?

I got this message:

Error: Image.clipToBoundsAndScale, argument 'input': Invalid type.
  Expected type: Image<unknown bands>. Actual type: ImageCollection.

This is the example of what I want to download (image)

enter image description here

This is my code:

var point = ee.Geometry.Point([-46.633286, -23.550510]);

// generate a buffer distance list
var distance_list = ee.List.sequence({
    start: 1000,
    end: 50000,
    step: 1000

var buffer_func = function (distance) {
    // new feature containing the buffer
    return ee.Feature(point.buffer(distance), {});

var buffers = ee.FeatureCollection(distance_list.map(buffer_func));

var clipToCol = function (image) {
    return image.clip(buffers)
}; /////////////////////////////

var AOD = ee.ImageCollection('MODIS/006/MCD19A2_GRANULES')
    .filterDate('2019-05-13', '2019-05-28').map(clipToCol);

var viz = {
    min: 0,
    max: 350,
    palette: ['black', 'blue', 'purple', 'cyan', 'green', 'yellow', 'red']
Map.addLayer(AOD.mean(), viz, 'Optical Depth 055');

var outline = ee.Image().byte().paint({
    featureCollection: buffers, //////////////////////////
    color: 1,
    width: 1

Map.addLayer(outline, {
    palette: ['black']
}, 'buffers'); /////////////////////
Map.setCenter(-46.63203, -23.55221, 9);

    image: AOD,
    description: 'image',
    scale: 1000,
    region: geometry

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image parameter causes the error. Its value should have been an Image object, but AOD is an ImageCollection. I guess, you would like to save AOD.mean(), which is an Image, to Drive. If so and if you want to get rid of that error, change AOD to, for example, AOD.mean() for image parameter.

    image: AOD.mean(), // <--
    description: 'image',
    scale: 1000,
    region: geometry

image.tiff in ArcGIS:

enter image description here

  • Yes, It works perfectly. Thanks again for correct my description and help me. May 23, 2021 at 18:56
  • I have one more question. I don't understan the scale. I know that in the description says min: -100 - max: 5000, and it has a scale (0.001). When I run the code, depends the scale the intensity of colors change. The question is, Could you please explain to me that? May 23, 2021 at 19:06

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