I've compiled a database of proposals and geolocated them, while giving each entry / feature a "tag" of 1-3 values, separated by commas. In AGOL's Dashboard's Category Selector, I can only create a drop down menu for the entire string of the values. For example:

I have: "Bridge, Roads, Sings" as a single field. I want to be able to select "Bridge" and have all features that contain "Bridge" be selected. Is that possible?

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In short: no. The Category Selector only operates on an "equals" basis, not "contains". You might try working with Experience Builder, as many similar widgets there, such as the List widget, can have pre-configured filters that work with "contains"

  • Thanks for the reply! I managed to bypass with a filter command in a custom web app using "Contains", with multiple toggle switches. Thanks for the help
    – Barnard87
    Jun 2, 2021 at 17:00

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