I'm creating an onClick eventhandler to create a point on every click on the map, but the Graphics layer is not visible; Has anyone else encountered this? Is there something special I'm supposed to do to show it?

Here is some of the code:

        var point = {
            type: "point",
            longitude: event.mapPoint.longitude,
            latitude: event.mapPoint.latitude,
            spatialReference: event.spatialReference,
       var simpleMarkerSymbol = {
         type: "simple-marker",
         size: "50px",
         color: [226, 119, 40], // orange
         outline: {
           color: [255, 255, 255], // white
           width: 1
       var pointGraphic = new Graphic({
         geometry: point,
         symbol: simpleMarkerSymbol
     let pointLayer = this.map.findLayerById("pointLayer") as GraphicsLayer;
     this.logger.info("nb of graphics : ", pointLayer.graphics.length)

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That all looks correct - you should double check you have valid values for the latitude and longitude and spatial reference (you should use wkid: 4326).

Also, try adding style: "square" to the simpleMarkerSymbol.

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