I created a custom locator using the Create Locator tool to create individual county geocoders, then used the Create Composite Address Locator to combine them. When I geocoded a CSV file, I had about 19% that were "Tied".

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As I started using the Rematch Address tool to fix them, I noticed that there was actually a 100% match for most of them, but Arc defaulted to the one with the worst score.


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Of those that were "Tied", Arc automatically displayed the points with a 60% match even though there is a 100% match.

When I tried looking for a solution in help, all I found was that it should've matched to the best score.

enter image description here


Seeing how there are over 86,000 instances of this, I'd prefer not to go through every entry to correct. Is there a way to just rematch all of them to the best score?

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You need to set the result order. The default is to use the order the different locators within the composite locator: https://pro.arcgis.com/en/pro-app/2.8/help/data/geocoding/tips-for-tuning-composite-locators.htm#:~:text=If%20you%20create%20a%20composite,then%20use%20the%20custom%20locator. If your first locator has a match is above the minimum match score, it will chose that one even if the matches that follow have better scores.

Note: The result order must be set prior to publishing the locator and must be republished to adjust the order after it has already been published.

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