I have two (PostGIS) layers in my QGIS (3.18) project and I defined a relation between them. The first layer PARENT has no geometry. The second layer CHILD is the child layer and has a geometry. In the layer form properties of PARENT I made the relation visible, because I want to see all children in the attribute form of the PARENT as a list.

Now I want to capture a new PARENT with some CHILD features:

  • switch PARENT to edit mode
  • add record (Ctrl +)
  • fill the form with PARENTs attributes and press OK.
  • unfortunately the form is closed now. When I want to capture some CHILD features for my new PARENT I have have to search it in the attribute table - what is not so funny, when the PARENT layer has many features.

Is there a better way to it?

Maybe I can prevent the form from closing automatically?

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  • do not use add record from the toolbar in the main window
  • open the attribute table and switch to form view
  • use add feature and save edits in the attribute table
  • the attribute table is not closed and the new record is still there
  • adding CHILD features is now easy, because it is visible in the form.

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