I'would export from a processing script (QGIS 3) a vector layer as GPKG. I'm using self.addParameter(QgsProcessingParameterFileDestination(...)) to define the destination file. This method allows user to select the proper extension file (SHP, GPKG, ...) but I'd export the output vector of my script just in GPKG because I'm using QgsVectorFileWriter to create the output, which admits just one type of extension per time. Or I'would save the QgsVectorLayer object that I created in the script with any extension selected by the user.

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You may try to restrict accepted format in QgsProcessingParameterFileDestination

So, self.addParameter(QgsProcessingParameterFileDestination(...)) could be self.addParameter(QgsProcessingParameterFileDestination(..., fileFilter='GeoPackage (*.gpkg *.GPKG)'))

The name in fileFilter has been deduced from list of filters from execution of QgsVectorFileWriter.fileFilterString(QgsVectorFileWriter.VectorFormatOptions())

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