I am trying to export feature set into CSV using writer. But when I tried to set variable as directory path for dataset it throw me error checkout picture 1. When I set manually folder path it work well. I would like to set path variable from script params to save CSV output to that path. Any information how to set. I am creating this writer newly. When I checked existing writer it show like picture 2.

Picture 1 :

enter image description here

Picture 2 : enter image description here

Error log after trying as per Picture 1.

Undefined macro `OUTPUT_DIR_SCRIPTED' dereferenced in file `/tmp/FME_1622633462491_53461'
Program Terminating

Translation FAILED.

Unfortunately this answer video not working for me How to automate writer output directory and filename in FME Desktop?

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I got answer immediately posting question by comparing existing writer setting. I am posting answer to help others.

Steps :

  1. Create writer by providing any sample path for dataset. enter image description here
  2. Once writer got created right click on it and open edit "Path you provided [CSV] " some text will be there like shown in below picture. enter image description here
  3. After opening this setting will look like below picture enter image description here
  4. Click on arrow and select open text editor enter image description here
  5. Select variable which you need to mapped enter image description here
  6. Then after selection save settings enter image description here
  7. Then you are done. see below final changes.

enter image description here

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