I'm trying to perform a laborious task to get the class values of a raste overlaid on a multi-part shapefile.

I have a raster with values rated from 0 to 8 for a Main Basin. I also have a shapefile with 3 sub-basins of this main basin.

I would like to calculate the value of the raster classes according to the overlay sub-basin.

For example: shapefile sub-basins: A; B and C. Raster class: 0 to 8

For class 0 what is the area value for sub-basin A?

enter image description here

enter image description here

enter image description here

In QGIS I know there is r.report, however it only does this for a mono-part shapefile (one polygon).

Would there be any tool in qgis that would do this for multiple polygons?

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    Try zonal histogram
    – BERA
    Jun 4, 2021 at 17:02

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You can use Zonal histogram then transpose the output using for example excel or python pandas:

Zonal histogram output, the output raster categories become columns: enter image description here

Export to csv and transpose:

import pandas as pd
csvfile = r'/home/bera/Desktop/tempgis/output_zonal_hist.csv' #Change to the exported output from Zonal histogram
subbasin_id_field = 'subbasin' #Name of your subbasin id field

df = pd.read_csv(csvfile)
df2 = df.set_index(subbasin_id_field).transpose()

enter image description here

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