I have a custom tool in vb.net for a web application, I'm using Asp.net, the class is in vb.net and the GIS service is in ArcGIS Server 9.3 sp1, the tool makes a selection of layers and takes a lot of time, so I want to show a loading icon on the map while it's getting the info from the server.

Any idea?

I already tried to modify the progress bar from the map but it works only within the map events, I want to show the progress bar from the custom class, from vb.net.


Your quickest answer, is create a DIV on your page; set it to runas server, then hide it. So when you start your function go through and turn that div on, then when finished turn the div off.

I don't have any code I can quickly post for you; but I have done this all over the place in my COTS apps and the workflow is pretty solid.


In the following link you have an example how to do exactly what you want but in the client side (including the CSS to set the div centered and grayed)


Just do the same but instead of the ajax javascript , run the code to set it visibility on the server side.

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