I am interested to map water bodies in a desert from swir band of sentinel 2. How I can make a bimodal histogram in GEE . I have one reference water body in scene.

Is it possible to do the same in imagej .



You can create the histogram using ui.Chart.image.histogram:

var image = ee.Image('COPERNICUS/S2_SR/20210602T082601_20210602T083920_T35QRF')    
Map.addLayer(image, {bands: 'B4,B3,B2', max: 5000}, 'rgb')
Map.addLayer(image, {bands: 'B8', max: 5000}, 'nir')
var chart = ui.Chart.image.histogram({
  image: image.select('B8'), 
  scale: 1000


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