I have a multiband raster of the Arctic showing the day of the year on which snow melts. I have grid cell values that equal 0 but they should be 365 as the snow never melts. I have tried to use the raster calculator to set all the grid values that were 0 to 365:

("arctic@1" = 0) * "arctic@1"

, but this only gives me a true or false raster. I want it to be conditional, if "arctic@1" = 0 then 365 else "arctic@1".

I also visited this advice, and it gave me values of 1.78e+308 and -1.78e+308 which is also wrong.

How can I perform a conditional statement in which I change the 0's with 365's for a multiband raster? I can do this in Qgis or R, but do not know how to perform it in the latter.

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For layer 2 of a layer called zeroes, this expression will replace zeroes with 365, and leave the rest unchanged:

 365*("zeroes@2" = 0) + "zeroes@2" * ("zeroes@2" != 0)

Comparisons with = return False if not equal, which is numerically interpreted as 0. The first part (before +) is then a raster of 365 where there is zero, and zero elsewhere, and the second part (after +) is a raster of the zeroes@2 values unless its zero in which case its zero. Oh, that can be simplified (not tested):

 365*("zeroes@2" = 0) + "zeroes@2"

So that first part is 0 or 365 only, and then you add the layer back in again, and since 0+0 = 0 you end up with 365 where there was zero, and the original layer value elsewhere.

I can only see how to do this one layer at a time with the raster calculator though - maybe there's a way...

In R, starting with a stack s, you can replace values conditionally:

> z = s
> z[z==0]=365

and comparing z with what we started with you can see the zeroes are now 365s@

> table(z[])

  1   2   3   4 365 
  6  11   8   8   3 
> table(s[])

 0  1  2  3  4 
 3  6 11  8  8 
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