I'm currently working with Natural England layers provided on data.gov. The WMS layers display where they should for EPSG:27700, but the added WFS layers do not. When zoomed out to show the extent, they appear to be rotated and in the wrong place. How do I fix this error?



I have tried using other EPSG and have also tried to load into Golden Software's Surfer and have found that the same happens there.

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    Which CRS did you use when loading the WFS? Which CRS does it support? Which CRS did you try? – Erik Jun 8 at 12:23
  • which version of WFS did you use? – Ian Turton Jun 8 at 13:11
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Found the answer for anyone who needs it. You need to modify the connection and select the invert axis orientation at the bottom. Then you need to restart QGIS. I had tried all but reloading, and it hadn't worked then.

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    While this is a work around you should report that the server is returning the data with the incorrect axis order (EPSG:27700 is well defined as E-N and it is returning N-E, which is easy to check as they include easting and northing in the atributes) – Ian Turton Jun 8 at 13:33

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