I'm using gdal_calc.py to do some raster operations.

1- i activate anaconda with this command : C:/Users/Dell/miniconda3/Scripts/activate.bat

2-then i activate my envs : C:\Users\Dell>conda activate tutorial

3-then i execute this : gdal_calc.py --overwrite -A C:/Users/Dell/Desktop/DATA/RasterTEST.tif --outfile C:/Users/Dell/Desktop/DATA/result.tif --calc="A>10"

the probelem is that i don't have anything as output when i run the last command i file is open :

enter image description here


Try prefixing your command with python. The default "open with" behavior for .py files is probably to display them in your editor.

  • ya that exactly what i tired and it's working , thank you for you answer
    – work
    Jun 10 at 9:24

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