Generating an error in what should be a basic field calculation.

I have two text fields: MyAddress and AreaName. Both are text. I would like to use MyAddress to populate AreaName with everything except the street type. E.g. "Eagle View Ln" just becomes "Eagle View".

The code that I thought would work:

!MyAddress!.split(" ")[:-1]

I've tried it using the code block, same result.

This generates error 001156. The help documentation suggests it may be a disagreement between field type or length. I have double checked both, and been trying with a few different fields. It seems to be something with the indexing, as str() generates a string version of he appropriate list.

str(!MyAddress!.split(" ")[:-1])

returns ["Eagle", "View"] in the field.

But basic indexing seems to work on the field:


Returns Eagle View L

What am I missing here?

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You're really close.

An extra step is needed to rejoin the list values back together. Enter 'Join'

myAddress = "Eagle View Ln"
myAddressAsList = myAddress.split(" ")[:-1] ## Returns a list: ['Eagle', 'View']
myNewAddressAsString = " ".join(tempList) ### Returns a string: 'Eagle View'

# Or simplified to just one line would be:
otherNewAddress = " ".join(myAddress.split(" ")[:-1])

Lastly, if calculated using a Code-Block in ArcGIS Pro's "Calculate Field" tool, it might look something like this:

Calculate Field example


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