I would like to upload local GeoJSON files with Python automatically to ArcGIS Online. Now I have to upload them one for one, which takes quite some time. So I looked into the ArcGIS API for Python.

I saw two ways you can upload data to ArcGIS online:

  1. With help of the spatially enabled dataframe, but this seems to be only working with shapefiles or an ESRI database and not GeoJSON files or a Geopandas dataframe
  2. Using the add() method on a ContentManager instance, with this method you can upload a pandas DataFrame or a csv file to ArcGIS Online. However, I cannot figure out how you can upload a polygon feature layer. All the examples are with points.

Can someone provide me with a simple example of how to upload GeoJSON (polygons) or GeoPandas DataFrame to ArcGIS Online with Python?

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This Esri Community question contains the answer.

To summarize (since the final solution is spread out over multiple answers):

from arcgis.gis import GIS

data_path = r'C:\path\example.geojson'
gis = GIS('https://arcgis.com', '<username>', '<password>')

item_properties = {'type': 'GeoJson', 'title': 'Test GeoJSON File', 'tags': 'test'}
item = gis.content.add(item_properties, data_path)

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