I would like to store QGIS Map themes to be used later. In my workflow, I use a plugin which imports many (grouped) layers. Each layer contains several styles that I can switch between. I want to switch some of the styles of the layers, and then store these settings as a Map Theme. This works great, the problem is that next time I use the same plugin (in a new QGIS project), I don't have the Map Themes available as they are not stored.

I thought I found a solution to store the Map Themes using PyQGIS, but I can't get it to work. I found this thread: Export theme and its associated layers in xml file in PyQGIS

I add a Map Theme, and then run the following code

doc = QDomDocument()
mapThemesCollection = QgsProject.instance().mapThemeCollection()
print(mapThemesCollection.mapThemes()) # I see the names of my themes printed

The doc QDomDocument still seems to be empty since doc.toString() prints an empty string. Also, how do I save this as an XML file to be read later with mapThemesCollection.readXml(doc)

If there are other solutions to re-use themes within different projects I am also glad to hear about them.

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You need a qgis child element to your QDomDocument according to the source code

doc = QDomDocument()
mapThemesCollection = QgsProject.instance().mapThemeCollection()

To read it in a new QDomDocument

doc1 = QDomDocument()

To read or write file, you can either choose Python open method or Qt/PyQt QFile

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    Thank you, this answered the technical part of my question. I am now able to view the XML of the Map Themes. Unfortunately, I found out that layers are stored with their id, which is different every time I load the layers from different files. I'm now trying to solve my problem by recreating the Map Themes using PyQGIS. Unfortunately, I am not able to set the style of layers (only create state from current), nor if groups are checked or not (MapThemeRecord.hasCheckedStateInfo() is not available in python bindings). Anyone knows a way to store style, checked & collapsed of groups and layers?
    – Eversa
    Jun 10, 2021 at 15:09
  • It's more than one question. The website is for Q&A with one focus. Ask another question with only one question
    – ThomasG77
    Jun 10, 2021 at 15:14

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