One of the columns in my attribute table is entitled NAICS_1 and I'm supposed to display only the objects with an NAICS_1 of a specific value.

How do I filter the attribute table using ArcMap to only select and display the specific value?

  • You have a tag for Definition Query. Have you looked at the documentation to see how to use one of those? – PolyGeo Jun 10 at 0:46

Here's a guide for ArcGIS Pro and one for ArcMap

For ArcGIS Pro (since that's the one I have installed), right click the layer, go to Properties at the bottom, and go to Definition Query:

enter image description here

There you can add a condition. For instance, to only show 'Coastline' features in the Natural Earth Coastline dataset, you would add a filter that looks like this:

enter image description here

Apply and you're done.

  • I figured it out, thanks friends! – Jen Jun 10 at 15:03
  • If friends helped you, mark solution as correct please. – FelixIP Jun 11 at 1:20

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