I have a large set S: List[Polygon] (Shapely Polygons), and a mask: MultiPolygon.
I want to filter out all of the polygons in S that intersect with mask.

I can write: S2 = [p for p in S if not mask.intersects(p)].

However, to speed things up I was wondering if there was a way to do it without the list comprehension and as a single operation so that the internal Shapely/GEOS search may be done more efficiently. Essentially like running a mask.intersection(MultiPolygon(S)) but without the added cost of getting the actual intersections of each sub-polygon (and while maintaining the original input order).
Ideally it would return something like a List[bool] indicating the results per sub-polygon in S.

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[Answering myself after finding the solution - may be of help to others.]

Shapely supports Prepared Geometry Operations where "Shapely geometries can be processed into a state that supports more efficient batches of operations".

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