My europe-latest.osm.pbf file is 24GB. I'm currently importing it on 8-core 32GB-RAM server with osm2pgsql as part of switch2osm. I've run the default docker container of switch2osm and after 2 days, the docker volume took more than 400GB of disk space and it kept going.

The top cli command shows that osm2pgsql is still actively running. Is it normal to take up so much space? I've read a post from 2018 where a guy claims that his osm2pgsql import took between 170GB and 240GB of disk space. My machine has ~ 600GB of free space.

  • Should I worry that it might not have enough disk space?
  • How long is normal to take for the whole procedure with a default switch2osm configuration?

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The osm2pgsql import of Europe took ~500GB disk space running it with --flat-nodes flag. But I believe it's too much and I do something wrong.

  • I am currently running the same issue importing the europe file. I have 1TB SSD disk almost filed up.
    – microcosme
    Feb 13, 2022 at 13:55

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