I am trying to do Random Forest in Google Earth Engine. I generate landslide class and non-landslide class in a region

var landslide = ee.FeatureCollection.randomPoints(Iburi, 500)
var nonlandslide = ee.FeatureCollection.randomPoints(outlandslide, 500)

Then, merge it using

var samples = landslide.merge(nonlandslide)

However, it comes to error when I run the Random Forest

According to the Supervised Classification page in the Google Developers Guide, I have to provide

a property that stores the known class label and properties storing numeric values for the predictors

How do I create a property with numeric values in the samples generated from Random points?

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You map over each collection (before the merge), assigning a class to each feature:

var landslide = ee.FeatureCollection.randomPoints(Iburi, 500)
    .map(function(f) {
        return f.set('class', 1)
  • Thank you very much. It's help me a lot Jun 24, 2021 at 17:45

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