I've created a function that retrieve all the GEE assets from a user account:

def get_assets(folder=None, asset_list = []):

    # set the folder
    folder = folder if folder else ee.data.getAssetRoots()[0]['id']
    # loop in the assets
    for asset in ee.data.listAssets({'parent': folder})['assets']:
        if asset['type'] == 'FOLDER':
            asset_list = get_assets(asset['name'], asset_list)
            asset_list += [asset]
    return asset_list

I use it to get all the asset of a user and then I sort them by type:

assets = get_assets(self.folder)

tables = sorted([e['id'] for e in assets if e['type'] == 'TABLE'])
images = sorted([e['id'] for e in assets if e['type'] == 'IMAGE'])

I recently realise that "IMAGE_COLLECTION" was also a type. So instead of trying to guess I prefer to ask:

What are all the asset types available in GEE ?


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As mentionned by Daniel Wiell, an extensible list can be found in the api core code:

 * The types of assets. Note that the server describes table assets as
 * feature collections, though they should be described to users as tables.
 * @enum {string}
ee.data.AssetType = {
  ALGORITHM: 'Algorithm',
  FOLDER: 'Folder',
  FEATURE_COLLECTION: 'FeatureCollection',
  IMAGE: 'Image',
  IMAGE_COLLECTION: 'ImageCollection',
  TABLE: 'Table',
  UNKNOWN: 'Unknown'

The one you'll get in the Python API are the keys of the previous table


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