I got a GML file from Ordnance Survey's Topography layer. The file has 5 layers in total (image from loading to QGIS):

enter image description here

I would like to load the file to python and I saw that GeoPandas has GML support so I am doing this:

db = gpd.read_file('pth/to/5221132-NS7010', driver='GML')

But this seems to load only the Cartographic text layer (the db contains 1039 points):

len(db) # 1039

Is there a way to specify the specific layer (by layer id) that I want loaded? Or even load everything and the choose the one I am interested in?

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    You can pass layer= keyword to read_file. Jun 18 '21 at 18:35
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    Yes indeed! Can you please make this an answer so that I can accept it?
    – GStav
    Jun 18 '21 at 19:36

GeoPandas allows the layer keyword in read_file.

db = gpd.read_file('pth/to/5221132-NS7010', driver='GML', layer="my_layer_name")

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