I'm using ArcMap version 10.5 , I have to subtract one raster from another.
The first raster has "unique values" clusters:

enter image description here

when each cluster here has numeric value.

The second raster has more variance in their values and sit on top of the first raster:

enter image description here

I'm using raster calculator to subtract the second from the first and I expect to get new raster that will be influenced from raster two :


However, the results look like this:

enter image description here

and it seems like the the subtraction is not working as each "cluster" has only one value for all the pixels inside it. though I subtracted different values from each pixel.

I don't know why is this happening.

My end goal : to get correct result of the subtraction.

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ArcMap's raster calculator has a habit of making the result Integer. Check if this is your problem and, if so, to resolve this, you must wrap one of your input rasters into the Float() function

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