I followed the following tutorial to create a QGIS message bar with widget, but it is being shown as a warning message (orange color). https://docs.qgis.org/3.16/en/docs/pyqgis_developer_cookbook/communicating.html#showing-messages-the-qgsmessagebar-class

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But I want to show the message bar as info (blue color) not as warning (orange color). I know there is level parameter in iface.messageBar().pushMessage() which I can set to Qgis.Info but there is no such parameter in iface.messageBar().createMessage() which is used for widget. https://qgis.github.io/pyqgis/3.0/gui/Message/QgsMessageBar.html#qgis.gui.QgsMessageBar.createMessage

How can I change the type of message bar with widget.

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I figured out that all that is needed is to drop Qgis.Warning in the last line. It will then default to Qgis.Info

def showError():

widget = iface.messageBar().createMessage("Missing Layers", "Show Me")
button = QPushButton(widget)
button.setText("Show Me")
# iface.messageBar().pushWidget(widget, Qgis.Warning)

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