I'm trying to do this thing where I'm classifying climate and R just seems to not like it when I do if/and functions I don't even know someone please help me

So I created a new raster entitled "clim" with a value for each of the climate types I'm trying to create. I used this function and R like won't let me do it even though I researched conditional statements and it looks like I'm doing everything correctly.

Basically, I want my "clim" to have the value of "2" if the average temperature of the hottest month is 5 to 12 degrees celsius, the average temperature of the coldest month is 2 to -8 celsius, and the annual temperature range is less than 13 degrees celsius. So I used this function:

if(isTRUE((tmax > 5) && (tmax < 12) && (tmin < 2) && (tmin > -8) && (amp < 13))) {clim <- 2}

And then R told me: Error in (tmax > 5) && (tmax < 12) : invalid 'x' type in 'x && y'

What does that mean?

I really did everything according to the instructions of how to use a conditional function, R has no reason to treat me like this.


An if clause in R is not the way to conditionally replace values in a vector. What you want to do is set the values in clim that match the condition to "2". For the simple case with just tmax:

clim[tmax>5 & tmax < 12] = 2

Note the use of single & here. This compares all elements of the operands (tmax and "5" for example in the first) and returns a thing of the same size as tmax with TRUE and FALSE values.

Double && only looks at the first value and is used in if statements since ifs are for control flow only, and the code either runs the if block or not.

That should give you enough to fix your code line. Basically, replace matching values in clim, and single & for conditions in vectors.

  • This is a fantastic explanation of if clauses and conditional statements! I would also point out that terra has ifel , emulating ifelse, that provides a convenient wrapper function for this type of operator. Although, please note the comment on "syntactic sugar" and other approaches to the same ends. rdocumentation.org/packages/terra/versions/0.2-10/topics/ifel Jun 21 '21 at 15:37

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