I have QGIS 3.16. I have several polygons in one layer, added via field calculator the area_ha field (geometry area$/10000) and then buffered all the polygons (buffer, 300 m). Now I need to know the area size (in ha) of the buffered area. Even when I create a new area_ha field (geometry area$/10000) in the buffered layer, I still get the area size of the un-buffered polygon. How do I obtain the area size of the buffered polygons? I don t use Python or any coding and am not familiar with it.

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    A couple of screen shots would go a long way to making this Question clearer.
    – Vince
    Commented Jun 21, 2021 at 17:43

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You need to calculate the new area in the buffer layer and then use the "Join attributes by location"(vector->data management tools -> Join attributes by location) to bring the calculated values (buffered areas) into the original table

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