I have point features that I am converting to a raster. Currently I use the Point to Raster (Conversion) tool from the ArcMap Toolbox. This allows me to export one field (attribute), however I'd like several attributes to be carried over to the raster.

Feature to Raster Tool with only one option for a Field

In my imagination, those could be stored as (multiple) bands of the output raster. Is there a tool that can do this? (QGIS/ArcGIS Pro are also an option, actually a solution in R would do as well). Or is the most simple (ArcMap) solution using the model builder with a combination of Point to Raster and Composite Bands?

Model Builder overview: Two times Point to Raster output merged with Composite Bands to one raster

  • I think if the modelbuilder and the composite bands tool is working for you, then stick with that? An alternative storage format is netcdf but I am unfamiliar with how these are constructed.
    – Hornbydd
    Jun 25 '21 at 14:08

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