We're currently researching urban heat distributions in Germany using Landsat 8 data.

As stated in the Collection 2 Level 2 Science Product Guide, Band 10 of this product is the processed data of Landsat's thermal infrared sensors transformed into surface temperature in Kelvin.

When I download the data using the Earth Explorer or Google Earth Engine, every Picture has the same pattern of missing data on it – regardless of the time, when it was captured.

To illustrate the issue see those two images from 2013 and 2021, both with the same pattern of missing data. The 2013 image is from path 194, row 26, the 2021 image from path 193, row 26.

Image from 2013 of Landsat C2 L2 Band 10 of a part of Bavaria with the characteristic stripe.

Picture of the same area with the same stripe of missing data from 2013

Why is the data missing in this areas?

Are there any comparable products with pre-calculated surface temperature for non-US regions?


Did you get any information on that problem? Where it comes from and/or how to solve it? I seem to have the same problem in Landsat 8 C2L2 Path 193/Row 24 and Path 192/Row 25. And so far I did not find anything on that kind of error as it does not seem to be a striping/banding problem. Any help or information is appreciated!


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    Hi Sophia, we found out that Landsat uses data from the ASTER mission to transform IR to actual temperature data. The missing spots in the data set is in the ASTER data, but we couldn't figure out yet why ASTER data is so spotty. Jul 15 '21 at 13:45
  • Thanks a lot, Marco!
    – Sophia H.
    Jul 26 '21 at 13:31

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