I just downloaded the OpenLayers package but I think it returned an error or I didn't do it right. I have the snip attached. Does this mean that the OpenLayers package is installed or not?

openlayers error message

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It's installed but it's not the right way to do it

In C:\Users\Owner, you will find a directory node_modules with a child directory named ol.

Normally, what you do is

  • create a directory with a meaningfull name for your project,
  • cd into it
  • run npm init and answer to the questions. It will create a file named package.json.
  • do npm install ol and now it's fine

Your issue is in fact unrelated to OpenLayers ol package but to the fact your are not familiar at the moment with NPM/Node.js usage. You may look at doc section Using NPM from MDN (Mozilla Developer Network)

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