How do you edit vertices that are common in two adjacent polygons in QGIS?

I tried to select both polygons but when editing the vertex moves only in one polygon and not in both.

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Once in edit mode, select the vertex tool, then on the snapping toolbar, select enable topological editing and at last left-click once on the shared vertex, move them, click a 2nd time to set the new location.

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Since QGIS 3.20, there is a new possibility that allows exactly what you want: Select vertices by polygon.

With vertex-tool enabled, press the ALT button and left-click once with the mouse on the canvas. Than release the ALT button and draw a polygon around the point(s) you want to move. Finish your polygon with right-click. Then you can move the selected vertices: even without topological editing activated, vertices for both polygons will be moved.

Screenshot: Color is set to transparent to show that there are no overlaps. 1) Press ALT, than make a selection of the vertices you want to move, 2) Vertices are selected, 3) Move selected vertices, 4) Now polygons with moved vertices: enter image description here

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