I'm trying to export numpy ndarray that I have to TIFF using rasterio. I have the transform of the image:

>>>(583932.1992386435, 10.0, 0, 2223772.1491772938, 0, -10.0)

When I use this when I save the raster I recieve error :

    with rasterio.open('test.tiff', 
                       nodata=None, # change if data has nodata value
                       transform=transf) as dst:
        dst.write(vi[:,:,0], 1)
        dst.write(vi[:,:,1], 2)
        dst.write(vi[:,:,2], 3)

TypeError: GDAL-style transforms have been deprecated. This exception will be raised for a period of time to highlight potentially confusing errors, but will eventually be removed.

I haven't found any posts in regard to this error. How can I change it? How can I save my result ndarray int TIFF given the transform?

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Use the Affine.from_gdal method to convert any existing GDAL-style transforms:

from affine import Affine

transf = (583932.1992386435, 10.0, 0, 2223772.1491772938, 0, -10.0)
afn = Affine.from_gdal(*transf)

Now pass afn to rasterio's transform parameter.


Explanation of the why at https://github.com/mapbox/rasterio/blob/master/docs/topics/migrating-to-v1.rst#migrating-to-rasterio-10

Explanation of how to fix your code with this issue comment https://github.com/mapbox/rasterio/issues/1830#issuecomment-601446758. First link is useful for order of args between old style e.g GDAL geotransform and new style e.g affine.Affine

In your case,

#(c, a, b, f, d, e)
transf = (583932.1992386435, 10.0, 0, 2223772.1491772938, 0, -10.0)

should become

from rasterio import Affine as A

#affine.Affine(a, b, c,
#              d, e, f)

transf = A(10.0, 0.0, 583932.1992386435,
            0.0, -10.0, 2223772.1491772938,)

In the rasterio.open, continue to use transform=transf as it accepts an Affine object.

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