I received a dataset of Merseyside area (corresponding to the metropolitan area of Liverpool, United Kingdom, broadly defined) where the location coordinates are totally a mystery to me, and unfortunately I'm unable to contact the corresponding analyst. Maybe some kind-hearted spirit can provide some help in identifying the coordinate system? I tried a standard UTM centred at N30 (it covers UK) but the resulting node ends up close to the centre of Africa.

I am enclosing some data to help the exploration:

335821 393051 
332930 414200 
340077 398681 
345144 389837 
353022 395484 
353022 395484 
335219 396507 
337123 394587 
334019 400474 
353022 395484 
353022 395484 
353022 395484 
352981 395138

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Any data you receive from the UK with out a specified CRS will almost certainly be in OSGB (EPSG:27700) which is the preferred CRS of our national mapping agency (OS).

Your data appears to be no exception:

enter image description here

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