Regarding SQL expressions in QGIS:

Based on the value of the field "_majority", I want to subtract the value of the field with the corresponding name from the field "_count".

Using the image below as an example, as the value in "_majority" is 5, I want to select field "5" and subtract the corresponding value of 25177 from the "_count" field.

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Is this possible using an expression in QGIS's Field Calculator?

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That is a little tricky but doable, since you cannot turn the content of a field into a fieldname. But you can use maps as a workaround:

map_get(attributes($currentfeature), "_majority")

This will first turn your current feature into a map of keys (fieldnames) and values (fieldvalues). Here you can use the value of "_majority" to get the value of the corresponding key by using map_get().

So your final expression will be "_count" - map_get(attributes($currentfeature), "_majority")


You can get the target field name using "majority", and then you can evaluate (eval()) the value of the record at this field. To make is a field name and not a simple string (or number here), one would concatenate (||) double quotes around it.

eval('"'|| "majority" ||'"')

or for the whole expression

"_count" - eval('"'|| "majority" ||'"')

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