Debian 10, Python 3.7.10, POSTGRESQL 12.1, Django 2.2.

To be able to use GRASS and POSTGRESQL 12.1 I should upgrade GDAL from 2.1.2 to 3.2.2 with PROJ 7.2.1. (see this other question)

After such upgrade done installing from sources, GRASS scripts works fine with Postgresql/Postgis, but I realized that GDAL has changed coordinate reference system and coordinate transformations (see https://github.com/OSGeo/gdal/blob/master/gdal/MIGRATION_GUIDE.TXT). All admin geodjangowidgets shows wrong coordinates because longitude and latitude are now inversed.

I've seen that the problem has been solved in django 3.1, but the upgrade of Django brings other incompatibilities for the moment.

Is it possible to apply OGRSpatialReference::SetAxisMappingStrategy(OAMS_TRADITIONAL_GIS_ORDER); at the settings.py level of a django project? How to implement it?

  • Finally, I've solved incompatibilities and upgraded the application to django to version 3.2 and the bug is gone. But remember gdal 3.x needs django 3.x. Jul 10 at 11:23

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