I am having point feature with same latitude and longitude so placed one over other in multiple places. like figure one: I have line feature which having stormID which is same as storm id in point. so Based upon this common id among point and line I would like to extract same storm id's point from point.

I can't use select by field value as same storm id has multiple points and by default it is taking first point ( which proofs wrong for my analysis).

Figure one: Selected point has two points so need to select only one with storm id AL041917 which same as line feature

All of these points located end of line either start or end.

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This can be achieved using a virtual layer.

Go the the menu layer / add layer / add-edit virtual layer and enter the following query. You would have to change the layer name and field name(s) to suit your needs.

The output is a dynamic layer, which you can then export (Shapefile or else).

FROM points p
  JOIN lineLyaer l ON ST_INTERSECTS(l.geometry,p.geometry)
   AND l.stormID = p.stormI

The new layer will contain all points that are both connected to a line and that have the same stormID as the line.


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