If I wanted to create an add-in for ArcGIS that exported the styling of a layer to SLD how much work would it be and what languages could I use?

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I'm an experienced programmer, and have done a lot of coding for GIS systems but am not a user of ESRI products and have never tried writing an extension for any of their products.

I would only need to export basic styling to SLD, not write a comprehensive tool that works for everything.


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There is one project - ArcGIS-map to SLD Converter - with the open source available. It's been written in VB.NET and .NET, so you should be able to reuse this piece of code in an ArcGIS Add-in based on .NET.

If you are not familiar with ArcObjects, it would quite a big investment in time. Another approach would be to investigate the SLD specification and then write an add-in in Python (new in 10.1) where you don't have to deal with ArcObjects (or maybe just call some parts of ArcObjects in Python).

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