I am trying to create a Euclidean Distance grid for numerous land parcels across a region (vector polygon layer). The conceptual diagram below shows the region in grey and land parcels in white.

I need to calculate Euclidean Distance for the area inside (not between) the polygons (i.e. the white area for polygons A, B, C).

'Conceptual diagram showing the region in grey and land parcels in white.'

I am using ArcGIS Pro (Advanced with Spatial Analyst), so far my workflow is:

  • Start with two polygon layers 'land parcels' (white) and the 'region' (grey)
  • Erase tool to subtract the 'land parcel polygons' from the 'region polygon'. This results in a layer with 'donut polygons'
  • Euclidean distance tool with the 'donut polygon' layer above as the 'Input raster or feature source data'.

While the method above worked on one occasion, I cannot seem to repeat this. The issue is that I get Euclidean Distance between polygon (i.e. for the grey area, and not for the white area for polygons A, B, C).

Are there any suggestions to change my workflow or alternate approaches? I have looked at Calculate Euclidean distance to raster WITHIN multiple polygons, however it is different to what I am trying to achieve.

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Follow this workflow:

  1. Create a copy of your polygon dataset converting the polygons to lines, you can use the Feature to Line tool
  2. Run the Euclidean distance tool on your polyline layer and set the environment setting Mask to the original polygon layer.

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