I want to do positional accuracy analysis by using QGIS 3.16, thus I need to do buffer zone around the vector layer (I am using buffer in geoprocessing tools). However, the result of buffer always thousands of buffer zone. I have followed the guide to do buffer line from a video on youtube, in the video, it said I have to click on 'selected features only'. But, the problem is I cannot click it.

here's my file that I am working on. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1YKAkvkTtudvw_jVYKL9cKICAW_2_akKm/view?usp=sharing

Any suggestion? enter image description here enter image description here

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It is a projection problem: the layer in EPSG:32750 you try to buffer lies somewhere in Antarctica. You layer (originally in geographic CRS EPSG:4326) was not correctly reprojected - I guess you simply changed the layer's CRS instead. See here why not to do that. Setting/changing layer CRS very often gets confused with reprojection, but that are two completely different things.

Take your initiation layer in EPSG:4326 and reproject it: right-click layer / Export / Save Features As... and there, select EPSG:32750. On this layer, run the buffer tool.

Screenshot: reproject using the export option. See also the correctly created buffers on the map in the background: enter image description here


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