Is there an in-the-can solution for simplifying a boundary that won't intersect the original poly?

Something like .convex_hull but with a fillet option possibly?

For example, .simplify() produces variations (depending on the arg magnitude) of this:

enter image description here

and .exterior just gives me the outline.

If I buffer then simplify the buffer (purple, below), I get something that is satisfactory:

enter image description here

But not exactly what I'm looking for and only after iterating buffer and simplification args and multiple manual inspections.

While I could write a test for intersection and incrementally iterate buff and/or simplification args until it passes, I figured I'd check if there was already something out there.


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GEOS recently added PolygonHullSimplify, which constructs inner and outer hulls of polygons using a simplification tolerance. See this blog post for details.

enter image description here

Unfortunately this isn't yet exposed in Shapely. Perhaps opening an issue would motivate this to happen.

  • Looks like that would do the trick. Cheers for the heads-up
    – CreekGeek
    Commented Mar 25, 2023 at 23:07

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