Dropdown field chooser not working

I am trying to select a field in the temporal controller section but it does not work.

No matter what configuration I chose, the field drop down menu does not work.

I am trying to animate the path of a storm in the Pacific. Data file attached.

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Your "date" fields that are of type integer as year, month, day, hour, etc... need to be placed in a Date/Time field. Luckily you have a field formatted properly but not in a Date/Time column so let's do that with the ISO_TIME field.

It's the Date/Time field type that will work with temporal manager.

So create a new field of Date/Time type.

Then format your time fields to this new field using the field calculator to update the new Date/Time field with:

to_datetime("ISO_TIME", 'yyyy-MM-dd hh:mm:ss')


I can now see and chose the date field.

I added a new table it seems to work better.

to_datetime("ISO_TIME", 'yyyy-MM-dd hh:mm:ss')

and added it to my new field "datatime"


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