I have a table in PostGIS, where the data is currently stored as a MultiPolygon. Each Multipolygon has only a single Polygon in it.

How do I query and get the containing Polygon, and not MultiPolygon? I am ok ignoring the Edge case where there are Multiple Polygons in the Multi-Polygon Geometry. All I need is the first or only Polygon in that Geometry.

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If you want to Ignore the edge cases, and get only the First (or only) Polygon, from the MultiPolygon geometry, then you need to use the ST_GeometryN() function.

A query like the following will give you the geometry as Polygons

SELECT ST_GeometryN(geom, 1)
FROM polygons;
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    the issue with the (ST_Dump(geom)).geom type of query, is that you get multiple rows, and need to use it in a subquery, if you want to get just the first Polygon. Commented Jul 21, 2021 at 4:26

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