I am using gdal.Translate() of Python instead of command line gdal_translate. Most of the options in GDAL. Translate are the same with gdal_translate and I could find them easily in gdal.TranslateOptions but I am struggling on how to input the WMS XML (https://gdal.org/drivers/raster/wms.html) in the function.

Normally in command line I would do something like this:

gdal_translate -of PNG -outsize 512 512 frmt_wms_openstreetmap_tms.xml openstreetmap.png

Does someone know how to do the same in gdal.Translate()?


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I figured it out finally!!! For me it worked like this: First I opened the xml file as googlemaps_xml=gdal.Open('C:/notebooks_scripts/frmt_wms_googlemaps_satellite_tms.xml') and set the output dataset name as my_image = 'my_image.jpg' Then I used the xml as the srcDS (see for more info on the parameteres osgeo.gdal-module.html#TranslateOptions) and added all the other parameters I needed.

gdal.Translate(my_image, frmt_wms_googlemaps_satellite_tms, format='JPEG', width=512, height=512, projWin=[ulx, uly, lrx, lry], 

*ul => Upper Left, lr => Lower right

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