I am trying to develop a processing plugin using "Create New Script from Template".

In this plugin I have created a pandas dataframe. Assuming the df looks like this:

C1 C2
0.25 0.84
0.36 0.4

Can I transform this df into features' attribute table?

Can I export this attribute table as a layer?

  • Yes it's a pandas daaframe. I want this specific one to be transformed into features. C1&C2 will be my headers in the attribute table and 0.25,0.84 will be feature 1 and 0.36,0.4 will be feature 2.
    – Annie S.
    Jul 22 '21 at 11:48
  • my dataframe consists of double numbers and my header which are string values
    – Annie S.
    Jul 22 '21 at 11:57

This should work for your specific case:

import pandas as pd

df = pd.DataFrame.from_records(data = [(0.25,0.84),(0.36,0.4)], columns=flist)

vl = QgsVectorLayer("None", "temporary_table", "memory") #Adjust this line if you dont want a temp table
pr = vl.dataProvider()
fieldlist = [QgsField(fieldname, QVariant.Double) for fieldname in flist]


for i in df.index.to_list():
    fet = QgsFeature()
    newrow = df[flist].iloc[i].tolist()
    pr.addFeatures([ fet ])


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