When I create my print layout everything looks good, export to .pdf without errors. However when I open the .pdf in Adobe, or Avenza, part of the image (XYZ Tile) is gone.

I'm an absolute novice user.

In QGIS Print Layout In Adobe/Avenza

Background: QGIS was working fine for the last few months until the last two maps I've tried to export. I am currently running the latest release. I restarted the program, relinked my XYZ tiles, but the problem persists.

  • This used to be a common occurence for me. Has not happened for over a year, but I'm not sure why.
    – cndnflyr
    Oct 12, 2021 at 2:15

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Try option:

Project -> Import/Export -> Export map as Image

I would rather try with .png first and see what happens.

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