I have a shapefile with a large number of buildings (polygons) and want to add an the parcel number from a different shapefile in QGIS. In most cases this works well using join by position.

However some buildings are located on two or more parcels and I would like to have both parcel numbers written in the attribute, preferably separated by a semicolon.

E.g.: I have a building with "ID" 01115 located on "GNR" 2823 and 2824. I now have two instances of "ID" 01115 in the attribute table, one for each parcel number. I want to have "ID" (01115) - "GNR" (2823; 2824). Is there an easy way to join the content of multiple rows in one and delete the doubles?

enter image description here

enter image description here

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Nevermind, I found the answer. I can run Concatenate(„GNR“,group_by:=“ID“,concatenator:=’; ‘) in the field calculator and then do a 'Dissolve' on the layer to get rid of the duplicates.

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