I'm working on some projects that have CAD data as the basis which I import into QGIS. For the last project, this has taken over 36h.

Is my computer too slow and, if so, which part (RAM or processor)?

I'm using a:

HP Z440 Xeon E5-1650 v4 Hexa Core

3.6GHx WIN 10


512 SSD

8GB NVidia Quadro M4000


I'm running QGIS 3.16.5. The DWG has a size of 25MB, I do not use curves. Everything is stored on the SSD. The HDD is my backup. I've attached a screenshot of the task manager when I'm importing the data. Processes


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    How many layers are in the CAD? Hashes, blocks, references? Which spatial extent are we talking about?
    – Erik
    Jul 26 at 12:27
  • try DWG to Geopackage gis.stackexchange.com/a/265968/276
    – Mapperz
    Jul 26 at 21:13
  • This is what I'm doing Mapperz. I cannot access the CAD data directly but the last project resulted in about 96 layers, some with millions of attributes.
    – Kay
    Jul 27 at 7:46
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    try DXF with the plugin AnotherDXFImporter plugins.qgis.org/plugins/AnotherDXF2Shape
    – Mike
    Aug 1 at 15:58

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