I am using QGIS 3.18. I have a point layer showing population estimates at the administrative center points and an aster digital elevation map. I'm trying to calculate the average elevation of these points.


  1. Population estimates at administrative unit center points from NASA's socioeconomic data and applications center. (not provided, they need to find it online)
  2. Aster Digital Elevation Map (DEM, not provided, they need to find it online) Question:

What is the average elevation of Bhutan's and Nepal's administrative center points, respectively?

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    Well, what have you tried? Are you aware that points have no area and therefore cannot have an average elevation, but only an elevation at that point?
    – Erik
    Aug 2 at 7:45
  1. Sample raster values:

This algorithm creates a new vector layer with the same attributes of the input layer and the raster values corresponding on the point location.

  1. Statistics by categories:

This algorithm calculates statistics of fields depending on a parent class.

enter image description here


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