Has anyone figured out how to get the Forest Tool functions to work in ArcGIS Pro via R-Bridge?

I've set up the bridge and tried to create a script in ArcGIS Pro to run canopy tools to identify individual trees from LiDAR but can't get it to work. It bugs out and wont read my LiDAR file.

Someone put together this document to explain it but the instructions don't work: https://www.srbc.net/pennsylvania-elevation-working-group/docs/lidar-tree-inventory-arcgispro.pdf


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    Have you worked with lidR? It is much easier and more efficient to run R functions natively rather than bridging to ArcGIS. Check this workflow out for individual tree detection and segmentation: jean-romain.github.io/lidRbook/itd-its.html#itd
    – Aaron
    Aug 6, 2021 at 2:39


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